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Leraning and understanding in Step Moter Chapter 2

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     Continue from first chapter in process and method using motor . for this chapter will present in parameter calculation and basic circuit for motor is steped that good way for you take the old step motor but it has not name plate but we can find to parameter value
    we can control sequence to turn stepper motor with direct control by using clock signal which we can easy programming .     

Calculable method for Stepper motor

    1. Tooth Pitch 

       Ps = Lenght of stator tooth pitch

       Pr = Lenght of rotor tooth pitch

        Ps = 360/Ns     ; Ns =number of stator tooth.

       Pr = 360/Nr     ;  Nr =number of rotor tooth.

    2. Step Angle

      fs = Pr/NP =360/NrNp  ; Number of Phase. 

            = (1*Pr-Ps*1)x2  degree/step

   3. Stepping Rate 

        Rs = 360/fs =NrNp  step/round

   4. Speed of step motor(W)

       W = 60f/Rs = 60f/NpNr =fsf/6  (rpm)

   5. Number of stator poles per phase

        X =Ns/Np = Rs/Np(Np+-1) =Nr/Np+-1



     From logic that present above ,we can provide IC device to make
IC driver   Ex. IC 74HC04 繵 inverter ,IC 74HC32 to be OR Gate ,IC 74HC00 to be NAND Gate
     In coil driver plase see this linkClick here

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