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 Pneumatic system control project

This Article in Thai Version

  In industrial where use Automation System for process the product that get computer system to common with PLC,Microcontroller,Driver&Indexer Steppermoter for control to equipment and device processing such as motor,Relay,Solinoil Valve. In mechanic will use pneumatic to control system of machine.This project should be the basic in computer control Pneumatic system .

Pneumatic device for push part,stopper part with computer control

Pneumatic device for pick part ,place part with computer control


Process understanding

  from picture,I use signal from Card I/O 8255 that has TTL 5 Vdc. which control signal with Program Computer to Opto at Output Board that process like switch distribute 24 Vdc. to Solinoil Valve which is Coil for control ON-Off air valve in drive cylinder or Gripper . all this we can take sensor device such as sensor,switch addition for send input signal to Card I/O 8255 that program will get for condition in process which program to control device .

How to using program
Select port which connect to device

Click"ลูกสูบทำงาน" after the button caption will change to "ลูกสูบหยุดทำงาน" we can use sensor for Input signal in checking codition of program by select check box"ใช้เซ็นเซอร์"

Source Code for This Project

  Article Benefit
   1) Understanding to Pneumatic system
   2) To know for prefer Pneumatic device.
   3) Understanding to computer programming for control Pneumatic system

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