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Interfacing with Step Moter Driver -->OEM650X

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       For industry in automatic process and simi automatic ,the stepper motor driver or sensor must be confidence the OEM650 stepper motor driver .
You may be find this stepper motor driver which get to present ,we have not benefit with company of the driver that i will present another product next time .
This device has both driver and microcontroller completely including indexer which can communicate in RS-232 too.

We can directly programming it with RS-232 communication that had have present before chapter or we will using hyperterminal application in windows OS.
The driver has memory (EPROM) for save all function although user will off the power after not use it .
Regrading its command ,It will short and easy command such as "G" mean "GO" , "P" mean"Position".


Over all step motor is subject to "mid range" instability, referred to as parametric oscillations too, We are associate several the problems with these oscillations.
These can cause the motor to stall,and thus cause cunsumer to include a margin (typically at least 50%) of extra torque to defeasible the oscillation.
The OEM650 model combines a subset of the electronic damping circuitry used in the highly-acclaimed ZETA Drive.
The feature subdues these oscillations, granting the torque formerly reserved for safety margin to be used to do useful work, thus taking advantage of the full capabilities of the step motor.

OEM650 Model Benefits:

  • Optimizes motor performance
  • Reduces audible noise
  • Reduces motor heating
  • Packaging

OEM650 Model Benefits:

  • Minimizes stall condition
  • Increases usable torque
  • Higher accelerations

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