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Hardware, structure, operating of computer with Mr.Toyny Part 1
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Hello! Everyone who checks out www.thaiIO.com of us, it's time to open new Page for the Topic "Learning Microcomputer" (PC hardware) because the section of software, Mr. Tong, webmaster, has already reserved.
The purpose of providing this website 1. To promote the academe of computer to you. 2. To be center of sharing ideas or knowledge in aspect of computer for everyone. 3. In order to give knowledge as a spreading of knowledge and can use them in routine. The writer absolutely believes that many of you haven't known about the detail of computer's theories yet. Here, this website can be one of great knowledge society about computer. First of all, let's introduce the topics of this website step by step 1.The meaning of computer 2.The history of computer 3.The theory of digital system for computer 4.The structure of computer Processing -CPU -Memory -Main Board -Chip Set - Floppy Disk - Hard Disk - Others Input - Key Board - Mouse - Scanner - Microphone - Others Output - Monitor - Printer - Speaker - Others For this part, I think it is appropriate for all of you to learn here. Next, I also will give value information about technique and academic as well as experience for all of you. Please check out "Learning Microcomputer (Hardware)" from www.thaiio.com Thank You Very Much Mr.toyny

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