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Hardware, structure, operating of computer with Mr.Toyny Part 2

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operating of computer with Mr.Toyny

The Meaning of Computer

The reason I want you to know about this because it is the first thing you will approach computer. Computer is a calculation device or machine for manipulating data, it comes from Latin "Computare" that means counting or calculating, excepting Abacus, Adding Machine and many more.

The Qualification of Computer

1.Computer is one of electrical devices that has calculating unit. Its working will operate with high speed, accuracy according to instruction. 2.Computer has memory that retains data for some interval of time. In contemporary usage, memory usually refers to a form of solid state storage known as random access memory (RAM). 3.Users or peopleware can use computer programming language for writing system software, though it is also widely used for writing applications. Now adays, the computer we always mostly use is the computer; called "Micro Computer" that is the smallest computer, refer to Personal Computer or PC. Business Microcomputer can be sorted into 2 companies, Apple and IBM Apple had been the first pioneer of microcomputer manufacturing, but IBM made an improvement to market about a computer system "server" (The server is a computer system that operates continuously on a network and waits for requests for services from other computers on the network). Consequently, IBM was the major competitor of Apple, however, IBM and Apple had the completely difference in the field of the system. Microcomputer of Apple we have known in the present is the Microcomputer, called "Macintosh" that focuses on art work; it has been used in publishing house, studio, etc about graphics. For Microcomputer of IBM we have known is Microcomputer with its logo "IBM" At that time, the market of IBM's microcomputer had been popularizing, so the other manufacturers were interested in the same business. IBM produced copies or reproductions of the work and to sell the copyright to the other manufacturers that wanted it. Later, they produced microcomputer that was "compatible" presumes mechnical and electrical compatibility, such as Hard ware and Soft ware is one that has the same functions assigned to the same thing. In conclusion, computers that have been using or buying a lot in the present are microcomputer or "Personal Computer" stand for "PC" or IBM Compatible. All have the same meaning.

The Structure of computer

Generally, Computer has 3 sections
1. Input
2. Processing
3. Output

The three sections of computer

The three sections of computer
There will be input device, are used for entering data into a machine or denoting either an entrance or changes which are inserted into a system and which activate/modify a process, such as keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone , digital camera, etc
Processing has devices within "case" which has main board (M/B), CPU, RAM, HDD, CD-ROM, FDD, etc
Output devices are used to present data to the user include printers "Hard Copy" Monitor + Display Card "Soft Copy" and speakers, etc Ok! Next, I will detail about input, processing and output. Good Luck!

Have you ever heard the word "Run Program"?
Rum Program is beginning operation of a compute

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