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Hardware, structure, operating of computer with Mr.Toyny Part 7

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Chip Set

       Chipset is commonly used to refer to the specialized mainboard chips on a computer. Chipset was used for interface between devices that is high speed and other because the ability of mainboard has chipset as a number of integrated circuits, packaged as one unit, which perform one or more related functions.


Example of Chipset

It often refers to the two main motherboard chips:
    1. 1. North Bridge and South Bridge
    2. 2. Accelerated Hub Architecture

North Bridge and South Bridge

  Chipset is separated the chipset into Northbridge and Southbridge is common. The northbridge typically handles communications between the high speed devices such as CPU, RAM, etc.

The Southbridge will be connected with Harddisk, CD-Rom drive. The southbridge includes PCI bus (32-bit, 33 MHz).Traditionally this interface between northbridge and southbridge was simply the PCI bus. They can transfer with speed 132 MB. /Sec

The structure of North Bridge, South Bridge

Accelerated Hub Architecture

    The structure of Accelerated Hub Architecture has the structure like North Bridge, South Bridge, but Accelerated Hub Architecture has Firmware Hub as Security for computers. This chipset has PCI bus system that is interface between Graphics and I/O Controller. It has the width of bus is 32 bits, 66 MHz. consequently; it can transfer data between them about 264 MB. /Sec. that is faster than Bridge, South Bridge.

The structure of working of Chipset


Mainboard Block Diagram


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