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PC Control Project
 8 Output Relay Board New!

 4x4 I/O Board New!

 I/O 11 Vdc Com Port

 Pnumetic Control

 LED Control

 Stepper Moter Control(using IC)

 Step Motor Control(using TR)

 Driver Step Motor #1

 Driver Step Motor #2





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Hello Thaiio User 
Wecome to PC interfacing hardware website which incoulding information and articles and projects for you refer in develop your project

PC interface and Technology Clip Videos New!
Clip Videos in Microcontroller,PC interface,Technology,Robot ,You can find more videos... Today Clip!

Omron PLC Lernning
PLC Programming and Communication. Includes Articles and Informations.

Serial Ports Center
Detailed Explanations On Interfacing Extend RS232/422/485 Ports PCI, USB, PCMCIA, ISA Multiports .
Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
A programmable automation controller (PAC) is a compact, based on the characteristics and capabilities of a PC-based system to monitor with a controller typical of the programmable logic (PLC).

PACs for Industrial Control, the Future of Control
A new acronym created by Automation Research Corporation (ARC), stands for Programmable Automation Controller and is used to describe a new generation of industrial controllers that combine the functionality of a PLC and a PC.

VC++ remote debugging connection with internet protocol
From my problem in seek the data something for remote debugging in internet but do not meet .After i know the way , so ,i write come to give friends get to know for take keep use with step by step.

RFID Interfacing and Rading in Visual C++ Programming
Step by Step to lerning in RFID controller Interfacing with Visual C++ 6 programming

CAN & CANopen
CAN is the network in use for embedded control, maritime electronics, lift control ,controller of car etc.

8 Output Relay Board Project
For this board is designed specifically to control many motor for Robot Arm or motion system.

4 Input / 4 Output PC Interface Board Project
For output section is controlled by an eight line "Darlington Driver" integrated circuit (IC) or called a ULN2803 that using in thaiio's project.

How to interfacing LCD with printer port in C# .NET
Understand C#.NET programming to display LCD with printer port .

WebCam Interfacing in VB.NET programming
Understand VB.NET programming to capture video from a video device such as a WebCam that it is on your hand.

    Welcome to thaiio.com : The source of information and tools relating to design and develop for the Computer interface hardware in control devices by Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), Parallel Port ,Serial Port ,RS-232 to USB , RS-442 RS-485 , TCP/IP ,USB , Microcontroller 8051 .
    This webpage has incoluding about programming for Visual Basic,Visual C++,Pascal or Delphi,PLC Ladder to Interface Hardware and RFID, Hydraulic,Pneumatic , Electronic Devices .

Computer Interface Directory New!

Webmaster Talk to Update
Today update ,we have 2 new articles for interface hardware

winxp 64 bit input output driver New Input/output parallel port driver for Win XP 64 bit New!
For 64 bit capable Windows versions arrive, We had used inpout32.dll present then if it is 64 bit version so that 64 bit windows developers also can take advantage from programming parallel port.

Fourier transform  programming with visual basic   Fourier Transform Software with Visual Basic Programming New!
We will be use visual basic to develop software for fourier transform with used to data in a timely area of the frequency range, and vice versa.

Understanding in PAC or Programmable Automation Control after you know with PLC in long time.
Visual Basic Tips by Mangmow
VB code and Visual basic programming Tips

New! WebBoard New!

Motion Control Web which provides News,Article,Products Review,Blog etc,.
Web Directory of Computer Interface Hardware

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API function for VB programming
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