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NI FP-1300 - Products and Services - National Instruments
With the National Instruments FP-1300, you can easily add I/O onto a CAN network. The NI FP-1300 is a CAN interface module for FieldPoint that provides full ...

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After that post Strategic avoidance of stepping in a CrapFest , I realize I might have come off as a little snooty about UI stuff.

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SYMPTOM: The CAN I/O port on the MCB2100 Board does not work as it should. CAUSE: According to the schematics, the pins CANL and CANH are wired to pin 2 and ...

Hickok 81201 CAN Vehicle Interface Module and 2005 Software Kit ...
Hickok 81201 CAN Vehicle Interface Module and 2005 Software Kit Hickok Scan Tool Features and Benefits: Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial network ...

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