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ISA interface Directory
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ISP1161/2 ISA Interface Board V1.0 ISP1161/2 Evaluation Board
ISA Edge. isa_edge.sch. ISP1161/2 ISA Interface Board. V1.0. CPLD. isa_CPLD.sch. BUFFER. isa_BUFFER.sch. 1161 I/F. evbd_1161chip.sch. 1162 I/F ...

IBM - 4820 Engineering Information
Addonics FlexPort (4 plus 2) ISA interface - Digi Board Classic ISA interface (not for Windows 98) - Digi Accelport Models 2E and 4E ISA interface (not for ...

Plug and Play ISA interface
Plug and Play ISA interface. The Plug and Play driver is a kernel module that enables support for ISA Plug and Play devices running on a BIOS that does not ...

A Simple TMS320C31 DSP - PC Bus Interface Circuit - Mediterranean ...
video codec, all on ISA bus. This interface is now being ... In the parallel load mode used by the C31-ISA interface, ...

Peak System, PCAN, CANBus, ISA, Interface, Converter, Analysis ...
PC-ISA plug-in card; PCAN-View CAN monitor for WIN 9x/ME and NT/2000/XP; PCAN-View for DOS; Device drivers (sys, VxD) and interface DLL for WIN 9x/ME and ...

COMMELL Half-size Single Board Computer
Onboard PCI 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Interface - AC97 3D Audio, PC/104 Embedded 8-/16-bit ISA Interface - CompactFlash Embedded Solid State Disk Socket ...

PCAN-ISA CAN-to-ISA Interface
PCAN-ISA CAN-to-ISA Interface. ... The size of the plug-in card is kept small in accordance with the ISA standard (16-bit). Consequently it is also suitable ...

Rainin Dynamax Auction
Rainin Dynamax RS422 ISA Interface Board. Rainin RS422 Interface Board for Rainin Dynamax Chromatographic Data System Version 1.8. ...

COM20022 EVAL BOARD (ISA INTERFACE) Revised: Wednesday, December ...
COM20022 EVAL BOARD (ISA INTERFACE) Page 1. Revised: Thursday, December 04, 1997 Revision: B. Assy-6084. STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS CORPORATION ...

Scanner Not Powering Up via ISA Interface Card [Archive ...
[Archive] Scanner Not Powering Up via ISA Interface Card Storage and Peripherals.

Sound Cards - ISA
Plug-In Card, 3D Sound, ISA interface, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz Read more. No longer available for sale. Learn more · See Product Details ...

Ballard Technology - IBM-PC/AT(ISA) Interface for ARINC 429
Ballard Technology PC/ISA interface for ARINC 429 with up to four channels (user specified).

PC ISA ARINC429 Motherboard - Airport International
The card is a full length PC ISA interface card designed to accept up to four standard YED Mini-Module Interface cards. Support for ARINC419/429/575, ...

ISA interface standard moving in the fast lane InTech - Find Articles
ISA interface standard moving in the fast lane from InTech in Computers & Technology provided free by LookSmart Find Articles.

Arinc 429 PCI, PC ISA Interface card. ARINC 429 computer card ...
Hotek Technologies. YED(USA) Company. PCI, PC ISA Interface cards, Arinc 429 ARINC419 Arinc 429 Arinc 575, PANAVIA, NMEA0183 and opto-coupled discrete I/O.

Modems - ISA - Prices and Reviews at DealTime
Multitech Systems (MT5634ZPX-V92) Analog Modem (MT5634ZPXV92). Analog Modem, Internal Enclosure, ISA Interface, 56 Kbps See full specs ...

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