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PC RS232 9-pin Connector Directory
Regrading RS232 connector was normally user or developper to use 9 pins.about this DB9 connector pinout provisions has done for a secondary serial RS232(Comm port) communication .

Serial (RS232) port pinout and signals
The above example is for a 25 pin connector but for a 9-pin connector the pin ... Connectors and signals, PC pinout and signals, Full DB25 RS232 port pinout ...

RS232 serial connector pin assignment
Learnning in RS-232 or 9-pin D connectors (female on the PC), pin number, 9 pole (male on the PC), RS232 name, direction,benefit

How to convert Serial Port to Parallel Port
How to convert serial port to parallel port with IC CDP 6402C in conversion signal its.

How do I connect devices and computers using RS232?
Instruction for connect devices and computer with using RS-232 communication step by step and the way to develop other project

RS-232 interface standard on all GP-Series Balances
Cable Part Number, Connector type I/O Port (PC), Pin Assignment, Connector Type ... To make your own RS-232 cable 9 pin (I/O port) to 25 pin(scale) ...

Weasner's Meade ETX TechTips
Next: "rs232" and "serial" are the -same-. They're (poorly used) synonyms. The (or each) 9-pin connector (about an inch wide, right? ...

DB9 Information
For the Definition adn detail of RS232 serial port, including the location pin. What is called a view from below.

rs232 9 pin diagram

In struction, only one serial communication way with accompanying handshaking is present.the very few computers have been factory where both serial RS232 channels are implemented.
Such as of the informations are the Sun SparcStation 10 and 20 models and the Dec Alpha Multia and on a number of Telebit modem models the secondary channel is present too.
It can be used to query the modem status while the modem is on-line and busy communicating. On personal computers, the smaller DB9 version is more commonly used today. The diagrams show the signals common to both connector types in black. The defined pins only present on the larger connector are shown in red. Note, that the protective ground is assigned to a pin at the large connector where the connector outside is used for that purpose with the DB9 connector version.

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