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a1/2 97
GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The A1000 and A2000 series converter boxes convert ... tions bus lengths or to allow more than 32 RS-485 de- ...

Description and Operating Instructions PROFIBUS-Repeater OZD Profi ...
Hirschmann reserves the right to amend the contents of this Description ... One or both conductors in the RS 485 bus line is broken ...

Product information, Advantech ADAM-4000
Description. Datasheet. ADAM-4520, Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter, Click to see datasheet. Automatic internal RS-485 bus supervision • No external ...

N2 Bus Connections RS-485 Bias Voltages RS-485 End-Of-Line ...
N2 Bus Connection. 1. TX+. N2+. 2. TX-. N2-. 3. GND. REF. RS-485 Bias Voltages. RS-485 Bias Voltages can be added by adding two 1 K resistors to terminal ...

RS232 RS422/RS485 Reversible Cable/DSL Router (ATEN-IC485AI ...
Description: RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Bidirectional Converter Automatic internal RS-485 bus supervision No external flow control signals for RS-485 required ...

SCM9B-A1000/A2000 - RS-232C/RS-485 Converters, RS-485 Repeaters
DESCRIPTION. The A1000 and A2000 series converter boxes convert RS-232 ... Automatic Internal RS-485 Bus Supervision. •, Networking up to 4000 Feet ...

Description. The interface converter consists of an aluminium housing with a PCB, a 9-channel SubD port for the RS232 bus, a 4-channel clamp for the RS485 ...

Motor controller for application in a motor controller network ...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION FIG. 1 illustrates a motor controller according to the ... Once on the RS-485 bus 320, the data is passed to the other controllers ...

Humanoid Team Humboldt Team Description 2006
The protocol that is used on the RS485 bus is defined by ... A detailed description of the system can be found in [18]. The ex- ...

Title : AS8202 (TTP/C-C2 controller) Connected to RS485 ...
Title: AS8202 (TTP/C-C2 controller) Connected to RS485 transceiver. Description:. Circuit Description of the AS8202. The AS8202 communication controller is ...

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