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RS485 Devices Directory
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RS485MS-2W Install.indd
The converter will work with only a few RS-485 devices attached within a few. hundred feet. This configuration normally will not require terminating ...

RS485 RS232 USB Converters and Data Acquisition Modules from ...
In order to accomplish this each RS-485 device must contain generator circuitry with enable and disable logic as well as receive circuitry. ...

87001 RS-485 Communications Board User's Manual
Wiring Diagram For An RS-422 Or RS-485 Host Device To One Display . ... For best results when wiring RS-422 or RS-485 devices please follow these guidelines ...

Effective 01 March 2006 Standard Price List Niobrara R & D ...
DDC2I-3, DDC2I with MM3 cable for mulitdropping RS-485 devices off of a ... DDC2I-11, DDC2I with MM11 cable for multidropping RS-485 devices off of a PC COM ...

RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Converter, Port-powered, CommFront ...
Connect a CVT-485-1 to PC's COM port to control/debug RS-485 devices. 2) Monitor RS-485 communication. RS485 monitoring. Use an RS-232/RS-485 converter ...

Progressive Resources LLC RS232 to RS485 Converter
to-point RS485 device. Our converter allows up to 32 RS485 (2-wire) devices to be connected to a. standard PC COM port. It offers an "auto turnaround" ...

Black Box Products
Description: RS-422/485 PCI Cards, 1-Port, 16850 UART. Use the IC971C to connect up to 31 RS-485 devices to your CPU. You can also configure it for RS-530. ...

Field Network Devices - Yokogawa
Our easy-to-connect network converters connect RS485 devices or analog signals to DeviceNet communication PLCs.

FA1-E - Keyat Keyboard Adapter, w/EEPROM
Serial Keyboard - Convert a keyboard to a serial RS-232 or RS-485 device. This can be used for systems which don't have an AT style keyboard port, ...

2-2.Connecting RS-232 and RS-422 devices to the JetCon: 2-3.DIN ...
formats of devices connected in a RS-485 network and adjust accordingly. ... Step 2: Connect the RS-485 device to the JetCon 2101/2101i's DATA+ ...

DGH Data Acquisition - USB to RS-232 USB-COM, USB to RS-485 USB ...
The USB-COMi allows the user to easily and economically connect RS-485 devices to a host using USB. The RS-485 communications standard is used by DGH sensor ...

Creative Control Concepts
You can get multi port USB to RS-485 interfaces so you can easily control incompatible RS-485 devices on their own isolated RS-485 networks. ...

Overview The SP3070-3078E and SP3080-3088E families of advanced RS ...
standard RS-485 devices, keeping the same footprint and pin locations as earlier products. They are. ideal for new designs or as replacements in existing ...

Server adapts serial devices to Ethernet networks., Phoenix Contact
July 20, 2006 - FL-Com Server RS-485 interface offers integration of RS-485 devices onto industrial 10/100BASE-T(X) networks. At 22.5 mm wide, ...

Automated Aquarium Systems - 7188E2 Ethernet to RS485 and RS232 ...
The response of the local RS232 device and the addressed RS485 device will be passed back to the host-PC via the Ethernet. And of course you can have ...

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