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Serial Cable Connector Directory
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Cables and Connectors - Serial Connector - Prices and Reviews at ...
Data Cable, Serial ATA Cable, Serial Cable, Serial Connector, Serial Adapter, Manufacturer: Adaptec, PN: 1998300R See full specs. No longer ...

Serial Cable - Computer Cables & Connectors - Compare prices at ...
Compare prices on Serial Cable Computer Cables & Connectors, Find the lowest prices shopping online at Sortprice.com price comparison.

Cables and Connectors - Serial Cable
Compare 2 Cables and Connectors - Serial Cable. ... USB Connector, Serial Cable, Manufacturer: Targus, PN: pa088u, UPC: 092636106607 Read more ...

AS Suite Install QuikGuid 82203
The Serial Connector Cable Set provides access to two Autostar. operations:. •. Telescope Control: Use a personal computer (PC) to directly ...

Serialio - Products - Palm Universal Connector RS-232
These cables also work with virtually all applications that require an RS-232 serial cable. The cable has a DB-9 Male connector on one end, and a universal ...

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Compare shop for Cables and Connectors - Serial ATA Cable at DealTime - read reviews and compare prices from stores all across the Web.

Serial cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The original RS-232 connector was intended to be a 25-pin connector (DB25). In the realm of computer peripherals, the serial cable has been deprecated by ...

Gumstix motherboard I/O - GumstixDocsWiki
1 Interface design; 2 Hirose 60-pin connector; 3 Hirose 92-pin bus header; 4 Serial cable connections; 5 For hardware designers ...

Cable, Connector & Adapter Pricing
VSC26, RTC Vertical stacking connectors, $15, Please Call ... DB25S-16F, Serial cable, 2x8 IDC - DB25S Female, $25, Please Call. DB25S-16M, Serial cable, ...

Interfacing The Serial / RS-232 Port
Serial Ports come in two "sizes", There are the D-Type 25 pin connector and the ... It uses two wires in your serial cable rather than extra characters ...

Serial Cable Connector pinout
Serial Cable pinout Connector cable pinout (9 pin female RS-232 to 2.5mm stereo plug (or the size that fits your camera) ) Only a few serial digital cameras ...

Let's Connect:Your Serial Cable Guide - Cisco Systems
The selection of the proper serial cable involves answering three questions: ... Is a male or female connector required on the cable? ...

Dreamcast Programming - PC Serial Adaptor
The reason I've used the DC<->NeoGeo link cable is that it provides the right type of connector for the DC serial port, removing the need to solder directly ...

Serialio - Products - ZThinCable RS-232
ZThinCable allows the SL-5600/5500 keypad cover to be fully open allowing complete access to the keypad and power connector, with the serial cable connected ...

Null-Modem Serial Cables
Warning: the 25-pin female connector on the back of many computers is a parallel port (not a serial port). While a null-modem serial cable will not attach ...

d.holmes > camera work > making a coolpix e990 dual USB / serial cable
The serial cable is, in most parts of the world, an expensive special order item. I decided to have a look at building my own serial cable. The connector on ...

Palm - Products - Cradles, Cables & Chargers
Palm® Cradle Kit (Multi Connector) NEW! for Treo™ 650, 700w, 700wx, 700p models. This three-in-one kit includes a cradle, cable and 110-240 volt charger ...

Amazon.co.uk: Garmin PC interface cable (RS232 serial port ...
Garmin PC interface cable (RS232 serial port connector) - not applicable to Geko 101 by Garmin. (3 customer reviews) More about this product ...

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