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 Microcontroller interfacing in visual basic programming.

Control and interface 8051 Microcontroller Project Chapter 3

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    This page is show how to Interfacing Hardware between PC and Microcontroller project.
About Programming and Circuit please see content as thus below

8051 Microcontroller programming interface to Serial Port

Interfacing 8051 Microcontroller to Serial Port in Visual Basic Programming

   Circuit board for test in this project (PDF File)

Communication between PC & 8051 Microcontroller




Link How to interfacing RS-232(Serial Port) signal 

  Final Note
   1) You can understand in 8051 Microcontroller basic interfacing
   2)Understand command and function in PC programming to control microcontroller
   3) You can programming in computer to control electrical devices or apply it to control more device.

   Document Referrent

   1. 8051 Tutorial Serial Communication

   2. http://www.smartdata.com.au/8051/serial.txt 


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